Rates & Funding

How much will it cost?

Dr. Hamilton charges the standard rate of $200 per hour, as set by the regulating bodies for psychology in BC. There will be a range set for the evaluation depending on the child’s age and the referral question. An estimated range will be given to you before you decide to book the evaluation.


Will my health plan cover it?

Extended health care plans, like Blue Cross or Manulife, frequently cover psychologist fees. However, the amount allowed per year varies depending on the insurer, so you should check with them first. Any amounts not covered by private insurance can be declared on your income taxes as a health expense.

MSP (Medical Services Plan)
MSP does not cover private psychological evaluations.

Extended Health Plans
Please check your individual plans for coverage per person in your family. Sessions with parents, such as interviews and feedback, can be billed separately with the parents, leaving the testing time to be billed directly as the child’s time. Usually the family pays the psychologist, and is reimbursed by the insurance company.

Provincially funded agencies
BC has agencies that can assist with covering the cost of a neuropsychological evaluation, and is available to families without third party funding. This includes the Community for Brain Injury. This is a rehabilitation program for children and youth with acquired brain injuries (stroke; tumor; injury). Please contact them regarding your eligibility.

Medical-legal evaluations
When requested by a lawyer, fees are typically paid by the law firm representing your case. Please contact Dr. Hamilton for fees for medical-legal work.

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